Understanding the Cost?

An important consideration for individuals deciding to move to an aged care facility is the cost.

Questions you may ask include

  • How much will I pay?
  • What is included in the cost?
  • Are there payment options? And
  • Where do I start?

The answers to these questions may be varied depending on your own personal circumstances. Considerations may include:

  • The type of room you would like?
  • Your personal financial circumstances and
  • The type of care or services you may wish to have?

Exact costs will be different for each individual.The My Aged Care website provides a good explanation of these fees and charges. Link

My Aged Care also offers a residential care fee estimator. Click Here 

The Australian Government determines if you are required to pay certain fees or costs. This assessment is based on your completion and the processing of an Income and Assets Form with the Australian Government.

If this form has not been processed prior to you moving to the facility you will be charged the full Daily Accommodation Payment for the room you have chosen Once the form is processed, the fees relating to this may be refunded, if appropriate.

Accommodation Costs

Along with your care costs you are required to contribute to the cost of your room. At Villaggio we have a variety of rooms at the following prices.

Standard: $550 000

Single room (16-17 square metres) with private ensuite.

Deluxe: $600 000

Single room (18-23 square metres) with private ensuite.

The Lodge: $550 000

Single room (17.5 metres) with private ensuite.

Premium: $650 000

Single room (18-22 square metres) with private ensuite.

Payment options:

Villaggio offers a number of payment options for your accommodation cost. Please contact our Finance Team via Villaggio Reception on (02) 62551794 to discuss which option best suits your situation.

Payment options include:

  • A refundable deposit;
  • A daily payment or
  • A combination of both.

Independent financial advice is highly recommended.