Superior Quality Care

Villaggio’s management team continues to be involved in and be represented on various working groups and committees, both locally and nationally. We, to a large extent are pioneers in the ACT for multicultural aged care services and our input is often sought due to our staff experience and knowledge on issues relating to an ageing multicultural population.

Providing superior quality care for our residents is the reason for our existence. Our dedication to the care of our residents is second to none and we are committed to providing the highest quality of support and care possible. Our residents, in all types of accommodation with us – active or supported, know that we provide exceptional support for individual needs and circumstances so that they are able to relax into their new homes with comfort and confidence.
Selecting the accommodation options that are suitable to you is the first step towards accessing and living the life-choices you would like to enjoy.
Super quality support and care are the pivotal aspects of everything we do.