Residential Aged Care

We are keenly aware of the importance of feeling 'at home' within Villaggio and with each other. This is why we encourage daily interactions between all members of the Villaggio community. We also support and appreciate the need of some of our residents to continue to be active participants within their environments and so assist where possible in the accomplishment of a variety of activities, interests, hobbies, pursuits and pastimes.

The interaction between residents and their families is also encouraged as part of caring for our residents and visits, outings and stays are encouraged where practicable and possible.

We care about the happiness and welfare of our residents and know that feelings of isolation, insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty can impact upon their health and contentment. Our highly experienced and expert staff are there to give the advice, support, comfort and practical input needed for peace of mind and tranquility.

At Villaggio, our central tenet is the experience of the community where activity, events, happenings, interactions and involvement with the community and each other are integral. For those residents who like to try new things, go places and see people, we have a vibrant and active social calendar that is satisfying for even the most energetic of us.

Our energetic Activities program allows our residents to share these experiences with other residents. We regularly provide outings to places of interest throughout the Canberra region. Residents are able to participate as much or as little as they like, and support is provided for every level of involvement.

Many of our residents are thrilled to be able to do and see things that would not have been possible without the encouragement and assistance of our expert staff. Maintaining an exciting, vibrant and involved lifestyle is one of the reasons many of our residents choose Villaggio. It is the village. It is the central hub of enjoyment and participation.

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