The Mission of Villaggio Sant’ Antonio is to make a positive difference in the lives of all older people who are in our care. This will be achieved through the provision of care that enables each individual and their carer to maintain their independence and control over decisions that affect them, thus ensuring that they will have the best possible quality of life.


Our vision is to provide the highest quality of care to ageing members of our culturally diverse community. Our nurturing environment will enable older people who use our services to remain well, active and independent for as long as possible.


We believe:

  • Each ageing person has unique strengths and values. Accordingly, we will treat each individual with dignity and respect.
  • Our services and practices will reflect best practice and will be tailored for each individual’s needs.
  • Our staff and volunteers will provide the most effective level of care as we value and support them.
Objectives of Villaggio

Villaggio will:

  • Operate non-profit, culturally diverse aged care facilities providing services for ageing persons with a variety of needs. Villaggio will cater for residents from diverse cultural backgrounds, and will respect each resident’s spiritual or religious beliefs, by providing such spiritual and pastoral care as residents desire.

  • Provide, purchase, build, and/or establish suitable accommodation at various places for the maintenance and welfare of eligible aged persons, and persons of similar needs;

  • Provide in-home and other community based care to eligible ageing persons, and persons of similar needs;

  • Advocate and care for each resident’s well being, having regard to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs;

  • Maintain adequate and appropriately qualified staff and volunteers to enable the achievement of the primary objectives and vision of Villaggio, through sound people management practices and support and appropriate facilities;

  • Noting that the Villaggio was established by members of the Italian community for the benefit of aged citizens of Italian descent, we will maintain links with the Italian community by retaining an Italian flavour and traditions, while still operating within a culturally diverse environment;

  • Adopt the principles of social justice, namely: human dignity& the common good.