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Accreditation of Aged Care Facilities

Accreditation of Aged Care Facilities

All aged care facilities in Australia are required to fully comply with the nationally legislated standards of care to achieve accreditation and continue to receive government funding. These are the 4 standards: 1. Management systems, staffing and organisational development; 2. Health and personal care; 3. Resident Lifestyle; 4. Physical Environment and safe systems; Each standard has a list of expected outcomes, and facilities must undergo site audits on a periodic basis to ensure that the national standards are being met

Financial aspects of aged care

Before entry to an aged care facility, it is in the individual’s interests to be well informed about the financial aspects of aged care. Centrelink’s Financial Information Service Officers can be consulted for information about the financial aspects of aged care. You may also be eligible for financial assistance under the hardship provisions of the Aged Care Act 1997. If you require aged care services and have difficulty paying fees for care or accommodation due to circumstances beyond your control, you can apply for financial hardship assistance by contacting the Department of Health.